Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

PPC for eCommerce

Transparent Pricing 12% of Ad Spend
$5K minimum / $20K maximum
Month-to-Month Agreement
(We retain clients with results not contracts)

PPC for eCommerce

Tired of Agencies that Over-Promise & Under-Deliver?

We work with select eCommerce clients looking to escape the frustration of the typical agency model.

The typical PPC agency markets itself making sure to hit all the right buzzwordsdata driven this, proprietary AI that, bidding systems to outsmart Google – and gains trust by seeking out awards as validation. It then takes on any-and-every client it can.

After promises in exchange for your signature, the typical agency model involves onboarding to a Customer Success "Specialist," who's most often hired without a marketing background (read, not expensive to the agency). Then, an initial account build out takes place, billed over many weeks if not several months.

From there, your handler meets with you weekly, leading you to feel your account is being managed, when in reality, your account is primarily set-it-and-forget-it until you voice a particular concern.

When a client becomes unhappy and leaves, the agency doesn't particularly mind as the long-term agreement they've required you to sign has assured their profit, and their next source of revenue is just around the corner. They also figure – what's your alternative anyway? Do the PPC yourself?

That's why we've built a different kind of search marketing firm.

As the experts and Principals of our firm, we work directly with you to understand and grow your business.

p1Commerce was originally hired as a consultant to support my company in our communication with our PPC Agency. It quickly became apparent they were far more in tune with the nuances of the process, had their finger on the pulse to a greater degree, and frankly, knew more than the Agency. As a result, I switched to p1Commerce for our PPC management and things were reorganized and streamlined extremely quickly - return on ad spend and revenue are both up as a result.
- Tim Foley, Founder/CEO The Canadian Outdoor Equipment co.

PPC for Large-Sku eCommerce

Our PPC Strategies are proven for large scale eCommerce and tailored to the nuances of your business.

PPC for large eCommerce sites (1000+ skus) is very different than for service providers, local businesses, or even small-sku companies.

Unless the account is structured appropriately, you'll find your account unable to be scaled, often with more than 90% of your SKUs failing to get any visibility at all.

Agencies who fail to understand eCommerce tend to think all traffic is good traffic. In eCommerce, it's crucial to understand the intent of keywords or the potential for waste is massive.

Stock levels, seasonality, dropshipping, margin, fitment and other potential factors of your business must be given consideration as well.

We understand eCommerce, business and technology. The strategies and techniques we use are geared towards companies just like yours and are tailored for the specific needs of your business.

eCommerce Focused We specialize in PPC for large-scale ecommerce and manage accounts with SKU counts from 1K - 4M+
Data-Driven We analyze data when making decisions to challenge potential biases for concrete results.
Scalability We maximize your impression share while maintaining return.
Month-to-Month Agreement We retain clients with results not contractual obligation.

Our PPC Approach

Technology Based, Data-Driven Relevance for your Business
  • Step 1

    Ensure Data Accuracy

    We explore your feeds and analytics setup to ensure accuracy so we can trust your data when making decisions and so that Google has the data it needs to create relevancy.

  • Step 2

    Data & Business Analysis

    We evaluate your analytic data to see what is and isn't working across your sales channels. We then take the time to understand your business for a deeper understanding of the data as it relates specifically to your Company.

  • Step 3


    We scope an account structure geared for relevancy, quality scores and scalability with the goal of maximizing impression share while maintaining return. With an understanding of your business, we implement levers to give the control your business needs.

  • Step 4

    Shopping Ads

    We begin implementation on Shopping (PLAs - Product Listings Ads) as it's the lowest point of the funnel and typically the highest converting.

  • Step 5

    Text Ads

    We utilize proprietary software to identify keyword clusters to drive high-quality scores and relevancy using single theme ad groups (STAGs) while using strategic funnels that prioritize converting queries.

  • Step 6

    DSA Ads

    DSA Ads are set-up with low priority and minimal cost, to be used as a catch-all to find performing terms that are moved to Text Ads.

  • Step 7


    The time to purchase for most companies is 7-30 days after an initial site visit. We use audiences to retarget your website visitors to encourage conversion while they're in your shopping funnel.

  • Step 8


    With the account build out complete, this is often where the work for a PPC agency stops – for us, it's where the fun begins. Our account structure allows us to pull levers to consistently refine and scale your account with the aid of proprietary software we developed specifically for managing large-SKU eCommerce sites.

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