eCommerce Consulting.

Transparent Pricing $250 / hr

eCommerce <span class='hero-highlight'>Consulting</span>.

eCommerce Expertise You Can Bank On

We offer professional, unbiased feedback, quickly and efficiently.

With a combined 30+ years of eCommerce experience, we collectively cover the eCommerce industry with expertise that includes: business development, organizational structure, technology analysis, marketing, supply chain efficiency, conversion optimization, and even warehouse operations.

We've worked with companies ranging from non-profits to billion dollar enterprises and have built eCommerce businesses of our own from the ground up.

Our platform experience includes Shopify, Sales Force, Big Commerce, Magento, X-Cart and more. We've designed complete sites, built custom software addons, and when needed, have developed our own custom solutions from scratch.

Whatever eCommerce goals or needs you have, we offer professional, unbiased feedback, quickly and efficiently.

Business Consultation We work directly with C-Level Executives to help achieve the desired business objective.
Aquisition Consultation We work with Private Equity Firms to provide insight into potential ecommerce acquisitions.
Technical Consultation We work with companies to review and advise on technical implementations.
Legal Consultation We decode technical contractual disputes and provide expert testimony.

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