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SEO for eCommerce.

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<span class='hero-highlight'>SEO</span> for eCommerce.

SEO for eCommerce

Systemized, white-hat strategies for long-term SEO success.

When we began performing SEO you could keyword stuff your way to #1 search rankings for a brand new website within 24 hours. That was the late 90s, and since then Google's changed everything.

There's no quick fix or any particular trick to achieving SEO results. Ranking well in Google requires you to incorporate SEO into your business and be committed to a long-term strategy of doing all the right things.

Google's published a list of Search Quality Guidelines which illustrates how they determine quality search results. They've also published a list of Webmaster Guidelines containing best practices.

In the simplest form, these guidelines boil down to:

  • Does Google know of and understand your page?
  • Is this a quality web page?
  • Can this page, company and content be trusted?
  • Does this page content best satisfy the users search intent?

Our approach to SEO for eCommerce is to look at the site as a whole, following a systematic approach to optimize the entire site with quality, interlinked content in alignment with Google guidelines.

eCommerce Focused We overcome Google's propensity to push ecommerce sites out of organic and into paid advertising.
Content Driven We make it simple to prioritize, generate and publish quality content for site-wide, interlinked optimization.
White-Hat Strategies Trying to game Google is a recipe for disaster. We work with Google's algorithms for long-term results.
Month-to-Month Agreement We retain clients with results not contractual obligation.

The 3 Pillars of SEO


We verify your website against a checklist of requirements to ensure your site can be fully and properly indexed. We then work with your technical team to determine the feasibility and priority of fixes and advise on implementation as needed.


Since 2013, Google's major algorithm updates have been primarily focused on creating relevance between a search query and the content that satisfies the users search intent. For this reason, we put a great deal of emphasis on optimized content.

Link Building

While many SEO agencies focus largely on gaming search engines through link building, we amplify your content by teaching you how to build links organically through real and lasting partnerships.

Our SEO Approach

Expert SEO strategy with a software managed workflow.

We've systemized our SEO processes.

With a programming background specializing in eCommerce, we've built a proprietary SEO system that integrates directly with eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce, in addition to being able to be used with custom feeds.

Using our SEO expertise for strategy and our software to manage the workflow, we facilitate and expedite the process of generating a fully optimized eCommerce store.

Our system pulls in your site categories, products, brands, blogs and other pages, allowing each page to be evaluated, prioritized and optimized.

Content briefs are created for the pages of your site, allowing you to utilize your expertise for writing. Our system, tracks and manages the content creation of these pages before pushing the changes to your website in an SEO optimized format.

Our technical checklist ensures that your site is able to be fully and efficiently indexed. Duplicate content and other SEO problems are able to be easily identified and corrected.

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