How We Work

Work Directly
with the Experts.

"I'll make a note about that question and get back to you next week" ... Sound familiar? Not with Us. With our Firm you work directly with the Principals to grow your business.

Work Directly<br />with the <span class='hero-highlight'>Experts</span>.

We're More Than An Agency

Feel like you're going agency-to-agency with different promises and the same result?

When you start work with an agency, typically you'll be onboarded to a Customer Success "Specialist," who has a limited or non-existent marketing background. This person serves as a go-between between you and the people responsible for the strategy and the work, allowing the agency to take on additional clients for increased profit.

This go-between creates exponential delays that balloons costs while back-and-forth communication takes place week-to-week. As weeks turn to months, the costs aggregate and the results don't follow.

So you switch agencies, only to repeat the process.

The problem lays with the agency model; that's why we created p1Commerce as a different kind of search engine marketing firm.

As the principals of our firm, we work with you directly to understand and support you in your business as we grow your pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and/or organic search engine optimization (SEO).

As our time is limited, we choose our clients selectively to perform work we enjoy for clients we appreciate.

We're In Your Corner As the experts and Principals of our firm, we work directly with you to understand and grow your business.
From the Ground Up We start with understanding the data and the nuances of your business (stock levels, seasonality, dropshipping, margin, fitment, etc).
eCommerce Experts We focus on large-scale ecommerce sites with SKU counts from 1K - 4M+.
Direct Communication In addition to weekly meetings we communicate via Slack and phone.
Month-to-Month Agreement We retain clients with results not contractual obligation.

Our Services

PPC for eCommerce

Our proven PPC strategies facilitate visibility and relevance for large-sku ecommerce sites, scaling revenue while maintaining profitability.

SEO for eCommerce

Our white-hat SEO strategies have been refined since Google's inception in 1998, facilitating our clients to gain and maintain long-term rankings.


Whatever eCommerce goals or needs you have, we offer professional, unbiased feedback, quickly and efficiently.

Resources to Grow Your Business.