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PPC for Magento

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PPC for Magento

Magento PPC Specialists

The eCommerce PPC solution you've been looking for.

By the time clients come to us they've typically experienced a period of initial growth in paid advertising that plateaued before falling backwards. In search of answers their PPC agency is unable to provide, they begin looking for solutions on their own. After riding out their remaining contract with their PPC company, they switch to a new agency, ultimately to repeat the process.

The issue we've found – time-and-time again – is in the structure of the account.

Most PPC Agencies accept any and every client they can and treat eCommerce stores with the same approach they treat service industries such as realtors and dentist offices. Many agencies fail to understand ecommerce basics like product margin. We choose to focus on what we do best — PPC for eCommerce sites with a focus on platforms like Magento.

Specializing in eCommerce for nearly two decades, we've refined a PPC process that's proven to have success for large SKU eCommerce clients and breakthrough the ceiling of scalability that most agencies can't figure out.

If you're responsible for a Magento eCommerce site with 1000+ SKUS then we're the solution you've been looking for.

We're not an Agency. We're a different kind of search marketing firm. As the experts and Principals of our firm, we work directly with you to understand and grow your business and only work with companies where we know we can drive success.

We offer a free, no ogligation discussion to see if we'd be a good fit.

p1Commerce was originally hired as a consultant to support my company in our communication with our PPC Agency. It quickly became apparent they were far more in tune with the nuances of the process, had their finger on the pulse to a greater degree, and frankly, knew more than the Agency. As a result, I switched to p1Commerce for our PPC management and things were reorganized and streamlined extremely quickly - return on ad spend and revenue are both up as a result.
- Tim Foley, Founder/CEO The Canadian Outdoor Equipment co.

PPC for Large-Sku eCommerce

Our PPC Strategies are proven for large scale eCommerce and tailored to the nuances of your business.

PPC for large eCommerce sites (1000+ skus) is very different than for service providers, local businesses, or even small-sku companies.

Unless the account is structured appropriately, you'll find your account unable to be scaled, often with more than 90% of your SKUs failing to get any visibility at all.

Agencies who fail to understand eCommerce tend to think all traffic is good traffic. In eCommerce, it's crucial to understand the intent of keywords or the potential for waste is massive.

Stock levels, seasonality, dropshipping, margin, fitment and other potential factors of your business must be given consideration as well.

We understand eCommerce, business and technology. The strategies and techniques we use are geared towards companies just like yours and are tailored for the specific needs of your business.

eCommerce Focused We specialize in PPC for large-scale ecommerce and manage accounts with SKU counts from 1K - 4M+
Data-Driven We analyze data when making decisions to challenge potential biases for concrete results.
Scalability We maximize your impression share while maintaining return.
Month-to-Month Agreement We retain clients with results not contractual obligation.

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